Voices of CQ

“I own the business which is Tivoli barber shop Belfast, currently resident at 15 North Street. Under the current proposals the building we’re in will be demolished.

Our original business was here at 8 Lower Garfield St. In 2013, we were told to vacate that premises after 100 years trading in it.

The reason was the poor state of the building. The then-owners did facilitate a move to North St for us, which I was grateful for, but did not realise then it was for demolition. It remains a beautiful building.

I agree with the area needing investment, but feel we shouldn’t have to lose those buildings that are part of old Belfast. We need small, affordable shop units in the new plans for local business that have been in the area for over 100 years. New, young businesses such as InkMonkey Art are enhancing the area, and soon many students will live nearby.

We’d like support from Belfast City Council and politicians for these local businesses that worked through the Troubles and got little or no support then.

There’s an opportunity to create something special in the area is being missed, like you see visiting old towns in England and other European capitals.

Is there a place for us, the small independent businesses, or is it all about attracting the multi-nationals?”

Eddie McGlinchey, Tivoli Barber Shop


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