Voices of CQ

We’ve been here for 10 years, and before that we had premises in Smithfield. We came here because it was available at the right price.

We sell records, and books, collectibles, that kind of thing. Our customers are a wide range; all kinds of people.

People now think about the city as just being a collection of shopping centres and they don’t tend to walk down a street. People tend to think that North Street is a dead street, but that’s because a lot of people don’t come here. Just because it’s run down, doesn’t mean there’s nothing here.

It’s been let run down; nothing has been done with the place for 20 years, probably with the long term intention that it will eventually be knocked.

There’s nowhere for me go in town. That’s true for most people here. Probably they’ll just pack up and go. Rent is unaffordable unless I move out of the city centre, but that’s pointless because then my customers won’t come and find me. For most people on this street, this will be the end of them. They’ll end up on the dole.

You hear people talking about development and all these new jobs, but what about the people who are already here, and have been for a long time?

Jim McEvitt, Atomic Collectibles, North Street


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